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5 TIPS To Improve Your AIM! – Shell Shockers (Other FPS games)

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First vid I actually made a script for so that was an interesting experience! Tell me if there’s anything else you would like to know!
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  1. i need to know how to boost FPS on chromebook

  2. Earned A Sub from me, but i didnt earn yours😔

  3. how do u make a map in shell shockers???

  4. I'm a trackpad player and I'm pretty decent (maybe good), i can record also, but if you're down we can 1v1! (if you don't know me, I well-known as Death Boi).

  5. When you kill yourself in Shell Shockers: –

    Me: Welp. I've done it. I've got myself.
    My Bro: I died by myself LOL.

  6. What is your mouse speed in shell shockers

  7. Could you do a tutorial for motion blur perhaps?

  8. I personally find it important to make up strategies. For example, estimate what your opponent's next move will be

  9. I am god at shotgun plz do aim for shotgun maybe

  10. bro all r hard for me caus e im using touchpad xd

  11. Fun fact: he's game looks edited or modded

  12. Aimbot.exe has been found u are banned!

  13. I use touchpad… but I’m still good 😀

  14. plz do a vd of how to be a pro plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. i was so cracked in 2020… i really miss those days

  16. The way you talk is so reassuring I feel like i can do this. I'll try my best

  17. Wow Thank You For The Tutorial. I got 12 kills!

  18. this video didn't help me to much but it was a great video and I still watched it the whole way through

  19. thx but can show us how you bost you fps in chromebook

  20. i cant lie but, my sensetivity for shellshockers is 40 sensitivity with the mouse (i have a macbook air so my mouse is wirefull) but with out my mouse my sensitivity (for the pad) is 70 so yeah(i feel like im the best 8 year old at shellshock so i really want to 1v1)

  21. Bruh I’m trying to be rude but ur literally on teams and ur highest streak is 7💀 and ur teaching us ab aim💀💀 like lol but I’m ngl this vid helped:)

  22. i got from 10 kill to 14 kill by watching!

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