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5 Tips to AIM BETTER in Shell Shockers

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  1. Nice vid pretty helpful for me but i luv ur vids anyway

  2. You are so good at shell shockers. I always run away like u XD

  3. sup it tom you rule and you are the best player in the world

  4. I saw a fake hazmat yesterday so I guess ur getting fans!

  5. i think i got killed by you 5 times, but it helpes me!!

  6. Woah YouTube recommend me this, ur good as already said UwUr

  7. thx haz this really improved my aim in shell shockers

  8. You could just press L shift to aim.

  9. Wait… i killed that guy today. Oh my god! : )

  10. lol I saw you in Shell Shockers, remember when I got a 20 kill streak today. I also killed you a lot and DESTROYED your team.

  11. The Trace Surroundings tip was definitely a great idea

  12. I was in a game with you, do you remember someone today in your game named dream?

  13. I like how he has 80,000 points and the most simple outfit ever

  14. Hazzmat have you seen a guy name Mr. P who broke world record by getting the highest streak his highest streak is 567!!!!

  15. thanks man!! these tips helped me get a 29 kill streak!!

  16. I ofteb use the crackshoter then I have 100 in speed. What do you have.?

  17. its not easy to track when you have parkinson's disease


  19. How many subs Hazmatt deserve:

    8.64k? No

    864M? YESSSSSS

  20. I'm in Spain and there are no servers here so my fps and ping is so bad it's amazing how smoothly you move

  21. I have been playing with my friends, and i absolutely suck at it compared to them 🙁 hopefully with these tips i will finally catch up and enjoy the plaY!

  22. HOW in the world did you get a 85 killstreak my highest is 68!

  23. WOW the tips were insane and I was rocking everybody

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