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45 STREAK EASTER EGG – Shell Shockers

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What happens when you get a 45 streak in Shell Shockers?
well, the same thing that happens when you get any
other streak amount, happy Easter everyone.

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  1. Shell shockers is my favorite on the channel

  2. Wow you spawned in your base first try! *wink* *wink*
    Oh and the dev made a typo it's "Moon'sBase"

  3. do u have any amazon affiliate links that I could use to get me a new gaming mouse or anything.

  4. hi we were just in a match with you to day 4/23/19 it was a 2 v 2 i was gg and my brother was subtomreast and you were in it and you were playing with noob and your name was MOON and you had your sniper and cand you give my chanle a shoutout at gabe260

  5. Man you are good compared to you I am a noob

  6. Hey moon great video I got a new high kill streak of 60 which is my pb with the new sniper and pistol

  7. I saw you in a game once and kilted you a few times.

  8. nice Shell shocker is a best free games

  9. men how did you get 138 streake? i saw in the video that you are bad playing..

  10. So impresive your so good at playing and im not WHY MEH

  11. No offense directed toward Moon—- but Moon Base is the worst Shell Shockers map.

  12. Hey Moon, what does the white egg by players’ names mean? I see them often and I assume they mean that the player has an egg doubler, but I use one and I never get it. Neither did you in this video. Do you know what it means?

  13. hey moon my name is Finn. i live your videos. can you tell me how to enter to get cool prizes because i am new to the channel. thanks!

  14. Moon: i dont play ffa that often because its so easy

    Me: dies from half the lobby

  15. Yeah this guy tried shooting me on the ledge with a shotgun😆😆😆😆

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