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43 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Nice killstreak Hazmatt 😀 Sadly you're not using buck and doing extra damage lol

  2. Yess Hazmatt! I love watching your content man, your moves are so clean

  3. Been a few weeks since I had no motivation to actually play shelsl but thanks to YOU for always making me come back at some point with these videos :3. Also I like watching your stream vods when im bored it actually makes my day better and good luck on summer school man.

  4. I love your gameplay it's so nice and clean! Could I get a 1v1 in the future?

  5. this how I use to play I have forgotten how fun and easy this game was

  6. nice one hazmatt, you should do a new shotgun tutorial the other one is outdated.

  7. Cool gameplay hazmatt love your videos and what map is that it looks so awesome it’s like the desert with the space one

  8. And using yessirski again I remember when you used it for the first time

  9. When Hazmatt is in your lobby, you know it’s game over.

  10. Nice Video! What recorder do you use is it free?

  11. Everyone let’s get Hazmatt to 14k subs! (Pin please?)

  12. GG mi racord es de 22 kills ☹️

  13. wow nice streak shotgun just OP i remember using it 3 days ago and got a 76ks with it

  14. Clean moves 👍 love yur content. Hows yur shotgun one-shot ppl? Mine can mever do that

  15. I don’t really like shell shockers anymore I might come back but goodbye

  16. Eagerly waiting for the day when Hazmatt gets an rpegg kill streak XD

  17. Hey if we are ever in the same lobby pls don’t kill me! My name is Ghxst Underscore in the game

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