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42 KILL STREAK! | Shell Shockers

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This video, I got an INSANE (And VERY lucky) 42 Kill Streak in Shell Shockers! This is my highest (recorded) Kill Streak yet!
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  1. What's your HIGHEST killstreak?ALSO, Yes, I got very lucky with this lobby. Usually lobby's are a lot harder, No need to comment that 🙂

  2. 165 is so smooth. Also i swear to god Sydney pub kids are bots

  3. My guy said gib streak and the Syd kids were all like yeah okay

  4. hey can you help me? how do i turn my crosshair into white on edge?? its so annoying when i scope and i cant see my crosshair btw how do you get the blue dot when ur scoping?

  5. Nice KS 👏 my PB recorded is 45 but i'm sure you'll get better than that soon 😸

  6. bruh idk if its just me or the 165 fps but this is so clean, something about it is cleaner than a lot of other yt's in shell….

    Loved the vid tho!

  7. 73 and my shell shockers name is sussy boy

  8. How could you get rid of the name of 165 hertz monitor howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww k4 anyways nice vid clean as usual

  9. nice vid my one is 37 i wish i can be in one of ur vids

  10. K4 is actually built different! He still had shield to 31 kills, very impressive. Nice video, entertaining

  11. Let’s have a deal if I win you have to say I love Nova and you win than it’s your choice to descide.

  12. 1:01 i thought u killed an invis egg inside that blue egg but it was js the nade 💀

    pb is 54

  13. L video no commentary 😤 disliked and unsubbed 😡😡😡

  14. 60% Skill —– 20% Sweat —– 20% Noobs
    Sick streak man! So many "broz gonna die" moments I sware
    Death to a free ranger 1 shot flick is one of the most annoying things that can happen tho ngl

  15. My highest is 32 with cs and second highest is 24 with shottie, but it's so hard to get streaks nowadays. Everyone either teams against you with p90s and shotties or you die to a lucky mid air semi auto snipe 😭

  16. Hi pvp name play myteryo

  17. 30 because there were noobs XD

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