41 Kill Streak! Smooth 144 FPS Gameplay | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

41 Kill Streak! Smooth 144 FPS Gameplay | Shell Shockers

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  1. i want a new gun skin please i sub to your channel and post notifacations to you and like

  2. Hi kilzo mad vid bro wanna 1v1 i can give you buck sniper or buck pistol if you win

  3. Nice streak! Of course the p90 and blanks ended the streak though oof 🙁

  4. I would recommend not to spawn kill…. It’s better for other people to have fun than you getting an easy kill

  5. AHH SO SMOOTH HELP!! Nice video Witchinmatic 👀

  6. Smooooth, loved it Kilzo, so nice as always 😎

  7. una vez me encontree a Moon osea el real y tenia verificacion
    😀 y yo le dije what is moon? y me dijo Hi y se fue despues de decirle otras cosas jajajajajaj Lo vi durante un minuto aproximadamente y lo juro que enrealidad paso jjajajaja

  8. Great streak! The shots synced up with the music at some parts which was cool.

  9. soooo nice love ur videos lots of love from bangladesh

  10. And how did you get the Pistol and what game?

  11. hi today u played?
    do u remember Knight ♞ Prince
    i played with u today on that sky night map
    plz reply if u remember

  12. hey , nice gameplay , i know it is a dumb ques but i also have that snake crackshot skin i purchased but it is brown in color how did you got that white colored one its not in the shop

  13. Fun fact: Youtube can run only at 60fps, so we are missing the other 84fps…

  14. Love the way you play❤Hope you can teach me someday😅

  15. Wish I had 40 Ping and 144 FPS, I'm over here stuck with Ping near the thousands and 20-40 FPS, good job!


  17. What pc and monitor are u using I am about to get a new pc but idk which soo wats ur pc and monitor pls tell

  18. meh just 41 im get 71 kill scoring not dead

  19. In shell shockers were you the guy that I teamed up with and the other guy just left

  20. i like want the gun i like your gun killzomatic

  21. My highest streak is 9 lol I started playing yesterday

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