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40 Killstreak + Buck Aug Giveaway Winners! | Shell Shockers

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Dm me on discord to claim your hyper rare shell shockers code!!

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My own theme for shell shockers:


  1. Insanely smooth movement, and great aim 🔥 What are your thoughts on snakeskins? I’ve been saving up for the crackshot but idk if I should get it.

  2. As someone who has gotten over a 40 kill streak they was pretty good when I first got mine my team was switching sides and trying to kill me but the people you went against were not all that good but the level of skill is still present.

  3. man u are kicking some guys without them seeing . new to the channel

  4. Sick vid man, w rizz vid, i kinda forgot my tag for disc sooo-

  5. That was some smooth quality gameplay, no flaws. Nice streak as well.

  6. Gret streak ,but what fps do you record your screen in?

  7. WOw that was smoooth congrats winner 🙁 maybe next time i will win

  8. Wow, the rarest code i've ever won was a UFO hat, lol–oh well.

  9. Bro Boolet what do you use to edit and make your thumbnails

  10. Omg this scratch noise is so soothing. Another w vid by boolet like always.

  11. Less go another sniper render, why can't I win once ☠️

  12. Please offizial Sound is better than music

  13. shellville rpg ks flashbacks FT ATI GAMES AND INIFINTE SMASHRE

  14. Bruh I got 39 streak on the same map earlier today

  15. I like that you gave them a week to claim, most times people are busy in 48 hrs and they might miss it.

  16. bro why tf didnt i entert he giveaway i was grounded at the time bro ofmg

  17. ggs but quick question. What recording software do you use to make your gameplay so smooth? I get 240 fps stable and yet my obs platform records on 60 frames.

  18. Hey nice killstreak just wondering why don't you use your theme any more?

  19. Bruh that Rpegg kid is literally the luckiest egg out there 😂💀

  20. la sensación de la música de fondo te hace pensar en algunas cosas, que es lo que tienes que reflexionar😇😇💤💆

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