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40 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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Song: Sam Day – If You [NCS Release]
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Song: Sam Day & wes mills – Running Away [NCS Release]
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  1. Great to know that your uploading again Haz!

  2. I love how he just uses just 2 shots to kill everyone

  3. Merry Christmas hazmatt and try to do a 1v1 with delta storm

  4. nooo you are still playing but im sleeping bruh

  5. When I first started watching ur vids, I will get a headache cause u can flick so fast and move so fast because of ur 144 fps. Now I’m used to it and I love ur vids. That 2019 shorty tho is fire when u have the egg breaker it’s like having red colour in the game without vip. Nice vid

  6. It always seems easy when u get high streaks, but when i play my opponents r somehow harder to kill lol.

  7. dude you are the word no1 like 100 vs you you win:)

  8. I fell really happy when I see u upload videos constantly 😃

  9. Ur the best shotty player I've ever seen 😊

  10. Try to 1v1 some ccs would love to see you crush them hard 🙂
    Insane vid, your just unbeatable!

  11. I would like see a event Haz
    (For 2021)

  12. Hey nice video! Can u still think about doing a crackshot one?? Maybe 🤔? Merry Christmas 🎄!

  13. Haz ur the best player of shell as u did a 40 kill streak at FFA and my higest kill streak is 40 (that to while camping in space factory)and at Teams so u we can just understand how pro r u

  14. Wow I usually get 45 frames and 50-60 ping
    Btw what are your top 5 favorite games?

  15. Hey Haz do you know a game called Crazy Shooters 2 from Freeznova?Btw a nice kill streak and love your videos!!😁

  16. Tell me if this is a good idea: Cobra Kai season 4 skins in Shell Shockers

  17. hola soy masterchef como hago pa subscribirme

  18. You gave me motivation and I got a 20 kill syreak

  19. Nice.love your video streaking,and I also look at the particular videos for combat in this game it helps I can see how u did it but it kinda hard almost.😅

  20. 1v1 one me at 1.30 hazzamat and my name is badboy7i7

  21. Hazmatt, you're amazing. My highest streak is only 37

  22. Haha hey! im paroparo! Your master, remember me bro?

  23. I have my 52 streak .. with 9k ping! So hard to do!

  24. When I first started playing Shell shockers I just searched it up on the internet and the first thing I saw was hazmatt
    I don't regret clicking, it improved my game so much

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