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40 FFA Rpegg Kill Streak | Shell Shockers

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In this video, I managed to kill 40 eggs using the Rpegg! Was an intense one!
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Huge thanks to Viking for the thumbnail!
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  1. stupid ass those kids kept walking into your nades lol, wtf are they doing 😂

  2. oooOoOO nice streak! Bok RPEGG streak again? hehe, thanks for the good content! I was watching this right before my exams!

  3. The chat though lol, you are a celebrity in shellshockers :flushed:

  4. Bruh like half your kills were nades. Chill streak!

  5. Hello. You used albino rpegg form the giveaway right?

  6. Ewa is just built different when it comes to rpoooog!

  7. Another banger nice vids ewa glooks💯

  8. Omen, bro y u gotta get smoke screened 💀. Hi ewa nice vid, nice streak.

  9. Was the real Omen in that server? or fake..

  10. Great job! I have been enjoying your content lately, and i have a video idea for you! Try playing Shell Shockers while only using Secondary weapons!

  11. do u ever answer the texts tho i think it might b a good thing if u did. just and idea ewa also how did u get your name it weird but cool i like it!.😆

  12. what an amazing player and also really good only on 60 FPS wow

  13. Ewa you are the best at playing she'll shocker you have
    The white snake rpg

  14. I can't even get a 5 kill streak with rpegg.But 40? that's insane!Good job

  15. Rpg can be kind of frustrating when ur gonna beat ur highest streak so someone just resorts to killing u with an rpg or when u get third partied with it.

  16. Another great video I’ve got 8 kill streak with rpegg

  17. Ewa: imma disguise myself as NoobCluck14
    Youtube icon: lmao no

  18. my highest is 29 but she hit the record tho. Damn Ewa!!!

  19. I got 59 in a king of the coop and then i saw ewa get 58 i ffa

  20. i got a 31 with rpegg 40 is way better! pls post more ewa

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