4 USED CODES, 1 HYPER RARE UN-USED CODE | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com


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The hyper rare code is for

the FEZ Hat

CC Requirements: 850 Subs
Omegaplex: 451 Subs
0.53/1 There!!!!

(500 By August??)
Thumbnail By: Myself

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Check the bottom of the description

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  1. I am on mobile so I can’t crack codes, I don’t have my school computer sadly so I wish everyone else that they got it!!!!🎉(nice streak)

  2. Man all 5 were used now I'm just praying I win the giveaway 😀

  3. I saw all of the codes but they were all used

  4. I never redeemed a code i never find one sad………..

  5. bro like every boolet video I see a 10 letter sequence of numbers and letters and then I pause the video the one frame the code appears in and then when I go to redeem it its redeemed smh
    omega = boolet 2.0

  6. All were user, but hopefully i win the gw 🙂 When is it pulled?

  7. lol i was too late but another great vid omega <3
    Whats the givaway?

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