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4 Tips To Improve At Shell Shockers #shorts

Blue Wizard Digital
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  1. Yo quiero jugar ese juego pero cada vez que me entro solo me sale la pantalla en blanco yo estoy artooooooo😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Bring back that chicken free ranger I really want it

  3. Wait that death scream actually the chicken gun death sound

  4. WHY CANT EVERYONE IN PUBS SEE THIS VIDEO, also getting cover while reloading is something I see 99% of noobs not doing

  5. wow its almost like there is a similar guide in the game! 😛

  6. This needs to be shown to everyone starting out with this game (kinda wish i ad this when i started lmao)

  7. The second I seen shell Shockers on crazy games I fell in love and shown my whole school and they love it to I'm a sweat now at the game and the tips and more work 😊

  8. You guys should add these tips to the "How to Play" button on the play screen as well (other than the standing still one since that's already there)

  9. can you add auto fire on the browser game too pls

  10. How Can we play shell shocker on Mobile ?😅 Plz help buddy 😅

  11. Btw how do u link ur yt channel to ur shell shockers acc?

  12. BlueWizar l wats the albino white you cultd give it to me

  13. where can i get the auto fire? i am using pc

  14. hello mr blue wizard i want you to became a shell shockers vip club member my name es enrique

  15. The death sound in shell shockers it's like in chicken gun old version

  16. Bruh, the crosshair autofire don't work most of the time on low end devices and half the time at close range at best. Also for people asking for auto fire on pc, just shut up and git gud at the game. You are basically trying to ask for aimbot but without the player locking mechanic to make it more believable.

  17. Autofire for me isn't that good for me since it makes more less efficient the game/

  18. This improves my gameplay in shellshockers when I play with freinds, thanks wizard!

  19. The only time I get to play it is in computer class and every time when we play my class always go for that one person and it’s so fun 😂

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