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4 HUNTERS vs 2 RUNNERS | Shell Shockers MANHUNT

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In this video me and my friend PLG_Nova go up against 4 HUNTERS.
Our aim is to survive until the timer reaches 0! (The timer lasts 3 Minutes)
**This video gets really intense**

– 6 Rounds
– 3 Minute Timer
– Killing a teammate = Redo

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(This video is heavily inspired by Dream)

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#shellshockers #k4hhny #challenge

Ft. @PLGNova

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  1. Brow it was awesome. Iloved that part were u got 4 kills straight. amazing vid. keep it up
    Doctor Troubleshootingspid#5823

  2. K4hhny manhunt real!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1?11!1!1!!!!!111

  3. My fav part was when I said we would do a b2 rush and you say ok and then get mad at me for rushing

  4. My favorite part was probably when Nova lost at 14 seconds left. I can't imagine how pissed you got at him off camera 😂

  5. Bruh i had this idea for so long man 🙁
    but you got better content the me and the vid was good to watch 🙂
    (You got the viewers) ;D
    Awesome VID
    My fav part had to be 9:39
    Thanks for other giveaway chance
    (The whole vid was rlly good

  6. my fav part of the vid is 9:03 lol that was funny. hope i can win this giveaway!

  7. I liked the part when both of u died at 14 seconds remaining of time

  8. my favorite part was nova joining the hunters and killing k4

  9. Great idea! Thanks for the video k4hhny

  10. Great video! Keep up the great work and my favourite part was when Nova killed you, the reaction was funny😂.

  11. are you both using shared acc's both of you are using VIP and have different colored skins but to the other person you look white

  12. My fav part is when nova died on second last round xD

  13. My favorite part of the video is when nova's instincts betrayed you (5:44)

  14. When k4 is giving out calls on castle he talks so much compered to nova

  15. Did Nova got free vip script ? When u show his pov his hands were green but when u show ur pov he was a white egg plz tell me what is this?

  16. 8:19 whan u scream at nova 4 dying 14 SREONDS NOVA EVRY TIME!!!!

  17. WAIIIITTTT when you look at nova he is white but in Nova's pov he is green?????? pin for answer????

  18. I did this idea first!!! great video it would be nice if you could of acknowledged my video shell shockers egghunt I did 1 and a half years ago because its inspired from that

  19. Nice vid K4hhny! But I felt like you were hunting them more than running so I might not call it a manhunt lmao.
    Fav part of vid was you getting mad at nova toward the end:)

  20. Damn K4, another banger (ofc)! This is a great vid. rlly enjoy these, keep it up!

  21. K4: "I don't know callouts"
    Also K4: "Regroup at boxes"

  22. Nova really sold the last 2 rounds by over pushing, but ESPECIALLY round 5 redo, 14 SECONDS LEFT 😭

  23. were you the one who was in my stream and 1v1ed me or was that an impostor of you?

  24. my fav part is when nova killed u lol

  25. it was when you almost st won you were so close!!!!

  26. My favorite part of the video was when nova killed you it was so funny

  27. im Bart and Fart (I CAN USE RPEGG ANYTIME I WANT) bro has anger issues

  28. this video is a livin W
    1:39 "i'm gonna die" legit clutches like crazy

  29. One of the round u almost got the win!! 14 secs left!! But its ok, can you make a part two and have a chance to win again?

  30. based on the video what do you mean by 'DON'T PUSH'?

  31. My favorite part was when you kept raging when Nova kept selling

  32. Did anyone notice how Nova was green on his screen yet on k4's screen he is white? Explain

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