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360ing Every Shell Shockers Content Creator

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This montage of BWD CC 360s took a while to make, so I really hope you subscribe if you haven’t already! Road to 100 subs!

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  1. This is some good editing! Love the clips 😂🔥

  2. Is this why you were trying to 360 me the other day? 😂

  3. Well, all you got was one 360 on me, I'll take it! Nice vid!

  4. graysocean fr being clipped so many times 💀

  5. The fact that you managed to come to my streams that are literally once a year LOL

  6. Looks like the video I did 3 months ago…. 💀

  7. I went untouched (I’m not a real cc but still)😂

  8. Great editing, great clips, and most of all… great shots!

  9. If someone 360 on me, I will brake my keyboard XD

  10. U absolutely destroyed everyone
    especially Graysocean LMAOOOO HE GOT SO FED UP


  12. "maree can u just stop being good at the video game"

  13. Omg kj has changed so much since those clips

  14. where are plg nova and kilzomatic and k4hhy , blue wizard digital where are maen's?

  15. I'm copying you now lol, I got Hayden like 3 times, Fluffy like 5 times, KJ like 3 times, and purpleshotz. I need to get thee owl, which I did but then my clipping system didn't clip it, and then I need to get meno

  16. Wow! You are so good at 360s. Graysocean and KJ definitely have PTSD now. Try finding nova next time

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