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34 Kill Streak w/ Commentary | Shell Shockers

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  1. Nice streak Hazmatt! You may want to fix the title since you got a 34 killstreak instead of a 33 killstreak.

  2. Fun fact: The gun Hazmatt is best with is the pistol.

  3. Bro it looks like he’s just shaking his mouse but he actually gets really good kills in the process lol

  4. pleas give me skull bandana code i will get mer subs and likes for you pleasssssssss dude you are my only hope

  5. Great video as per usual! Would definitely love more kill streak with commentary videos!

  6. I like this style of content as the regular killstreak videos are nice but quite repetitive so they can get boring quickly.. It'd be nice watching vids with more commentary (if possible) and after hearing other people's opinions on discord, they seem to have the same view!

  7. Love it bro Like the commentary!!!!
    I want to see a video of you having a rematch with graysocean 🌊

  8. OH MY GOD, U R INSANE, u make the gam look so extra

  9. Also haz has less deaths then my kills, in fact half of my kills=haz’s deaths

  10. Do a killstreak vid but don’t tell us how much it was in the title so we’re surprised 😮

  11. Hazmatt will forever Stay the Shotgun GOD lol 🔥

  12. My best crackshot kill streak is 35. I wished I recorded it because that was 2 years ago now I am trash at shell shockers now my best kill streaks are 10.

  13. Watching your videos has helped me get better at shell shockers
    Keep up with the good work 👍

  14. Good video mate . Love it New guys like Bubfx should watch yourchannel and learn from you✌️😁

  15. hazmatt makes pros look like noobs. Thats all that needs to describe his skill.

  16. Haz ur a great player bro u r really inspiring and I wish to become as good as you one day. Love all ur vids and ty for being so great bro 😊

  17. Fun fact: I got my first high killstreak IN Feedlot. I broke my personal best in Dirt 2 though

  18. hello hazmatt, how can people get skin codes like that shot gun skin?

  19. i think one thing u can improve on is collecting ammo, u always seem to ignore it. other than that, ur an insanely good player

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