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33 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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Bait, thanks for the thumbnail.

Don’t look 🙂

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  1. Every time I watch your vid, I just wanna see how did u die 😀

  2. We need to see a 1v1 against peek. The amount of views would skyrocket

  3. Nice thumbnail! You look great with Pablo hat and beard btw:)

  4. I think u should make a kill streak vid with crackshot (if u don't mind)

  5. Hi Hazmatt!! Do u remember "S.E.A.B. Flipper 1" and "ZUMBA GUYS"?? That's me!! If I meet you someday,
    Would you tell me about "How to be a Pro like you"?

  6. imagine being the person who disliked this. this video is awesome

  7. Hazmatt please raid land game banner code what

  8. Hi Haz! I just got a new killstreak of 62 and I didn't beat my old one of 41 in 7 months lol so after that, I watched this vid! Ur a really good shell player I really liked this vid. Hope you have a great day! 😀

  9. You it's me , I was a shell who asked you if you were popular YouTuber

  10. Hey Haz, why don't you have a Youtube Badge when you play! You have more than 10K subs, so why don't u have?

  11. could you get me better GESH you ARE INSANE MY GUY

  12. hey hazmatt im online anytime I'll reach out to me when you want to do a video with me

  13. wow

    really nice vid, one of my favourite shell players

  14. wait u were on that map, i was also before with the same people!

  15. Those dodges on the aug when u were low at 0:16 were just perfect and satisfying

  16. before i started watching haz i was terrible at shotgun but then i found his channel now im good 😀

  17. Haz is back also it auto corrected to hazel

  18. Couldn't have gotten better. You were AWESOME with that shotgun!

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