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30/9 IN SHELL RANKED KOTC | Shell Shockers

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Ft. yegg and peek


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  1. i swear bro Gibby is staight skill. No such thing as luck with him. also first pin plz??

  2. Nice team synergy. Normally in those scenarios the other p90 would never go point 😂

  3. Wow! you just keep getting better at every second dude!. I'd really wanna see a battle of Nova vs Gibby if it does happen Then it would be the, Most Intense 1v1 ever!. but GGZ to the match.

  4. gibby is just absolutely built different with p90

  5. bruh you still play shell? why don’t you go play a real game like valorant or TF2…. 😐

  6. damn your dmg and game sens is top level explo is trash compared to you

  7. I think you bodied everyone with that rusty skills 😭😰

  8. Honestly not the best performance I've seen. Disappointed.

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