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21 Kill Streak Against A HACKER! | Shell Shockers!

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In todays video we drop a 21 Kill Streak with a well known hacker by the name of ‘Lulla” in the lobby.

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  1. NICE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  2. ??? What hacker? I saw no signs of hacking

  3. yep i am going to make a vid about LULLA, 4 weeks ago I rec her hacking in syd ffa server. she hacks!!!!!!!

  4. At first I thought u 1v1 him. I mean like that would be insane lol. Nice FPS tho. I only get 60

  5. Ok, but like, only hit you once and it's hacks? I'm kinda confused as to what people call a hacker in this game anymore. Like, it used to be obvious in a video, but now it just seems like any lucky or laggy hit is called hacks. Ngl, I see it a lot in rooms. I get called a hacker all the time, but like, sometime lag or just the game physics in general play into your favor. Played in a teams room today (name Fear All Eggs) and got called hacker by 8 different people, from both teams, over a 42 streak with crackshot. Like, I only play for fun, just because I'm good at it, not because I want to sit there and mess with an AI capable of ruining everyone else's experience. But, like, the toxicity and targeters ruin the game before the actual hackers do. Just a rant, no offense or harm.

  6. lulla is on my game he hacks so bad and pretty good hacks

  7. Bruh lulla is so annoying I have been in her lobby like 100 times but I still kill her easily I’m pro 😎

  8. I played with lulla before and guess what hacks she had she has esp aimlock and also she can teleport

  9. It feels like they are all noob but actually they are not easy to beat 😉
    Awesome video Jax!!!

  10. Btw Jax I am Nitbro not Nitin LOL U CALLED ME NITIN IN THE REPLY

  11. Your aim 👀 and that crispy guy got wrecked like 5 times, so he's gonna be so happy at 2:50

  12. Jax did u know someone 360 u its me @dyroth gg jax

  13. Damn, is this shroud playing? Cause his aim is spot on

  14. Ngl u make yourself look like a hacker from being so good lmao

  15. hey yesterday u saw lulla right
    bcz i was there now ppl know whether ur real or not


  17. Bro please tell me how to reload when my every bullets are over

  18. Wat’s the hacker but the hacker you kill already

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