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2019 Shotgun Giveaway! | Shell Shockers

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  1. nice video!!!2019 shotgun is the top of my wish list!Kevin路人#7918

  2. 𝙎𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙬𝙞𝙘𝙝👾👾 says:


  3. Before you were good, but now with 144 Fps you are a beast… 1nub#2946

  4. Hlo Kilzo! :fire: vid!! Keep up the good work. Ancient Subscriber here, imagine not being subbed smh. @/road to 4k before Christmas 😀 Pog Gameplay – Always the best with the shotty 😉 [email protected]/1842

  5. Awesome killstreak, would be awesome if I got that gun. LegendPlayer#1908

  6. Wow Kilzo every time you get more rare objects congratulations on the 2019 shotgun I hope you grow more nice video Droopin#7083

  7. The 2019 shotgun is probably one of the guns that will make anyone look cool using it also gl to you all. The video really stood out because you were giveaway away a 2019 shotgun which is almost never given away. Slowish Games#0363

  8. looks like Slowish Games got his alts out and really wants this 2019 shotty lmao, I guess everyone wants it, and I guess I do to KFC Dino#1268, nice 22 kill streak by the way

  9. ah yes have been wanting the 2019 shotty for a long time 梦境是真的,星空是假的#5921

  10. great video. very excited abt this giveaway. been hoping for a while to add this skin to my shotgun collection. Risk#9811

  11. the 2019 shotgun makes us all remember the OG days. dank bibi#2937

  12. nices 22 kills 2019 is one of the most best gun in shell btw may we 1v1 for a vid i can record it ttv jaylie#6526

  13. 2019 Shotty…..Oof why is it so clean and smooth ?……I like that alot…Zixce#5613

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