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2019 Shotgun Giveaway! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Didn't think they could make codes for it. One of the best! Lukie#6190

  2. Nice video Kilzo! First 2019 shotty as a code! Your videos are awesome! Juggernaut.005#8369

  3. Ive been playing for 3 years never got the chance to get the 2019 shotgun so I hope I win. CrackedCoconut#3536

  4. Hey Kilzo, loved the chill vid and 144 fps gameplay. Never imagined this skin was up for grabs to giveaway but here we are 🙂 . 𝓟𝖍ɸ𝓫𝓲𝓪#0647

  5. 2019 shotty looks spicy, I already have 2019 crack it would be nice if i won the shotty MJX#2584

  6. Ooh love ur gameplay and i love that map too 🙂 love ur content keep being awesome

  7. Hello discord guy!!! Its me again I just wanted to say your videos are cooler than mine and your cool too SMILE and yeah give me the shotgun please WINK menoXD#0408

  8. Can't wait till u get ur own skin gl to everyone lil Geoff™#7777 might change in 6 days

  9. The 2019 shotgun has long been listed in the top part of my ranking list. With your videos, I feel that the melancholy in my heart has disappeared instantly every time, and you are very high-quality.YT武神 X PaGamO#0293

  10. ARZACHEL[lol]#2050 pls pls pls let me win this!!!!!!I love this skin like others did pls!!!

  11. I have subed ur yt channel already Pinkman#2637 🙂 how do u play sooo gud

  12. Elite ❀#9440 nice vid, love your content! subbed, keep up the good vids!

  13. Hi Kilzomatic! Thanks for the 2019 shotgun giveaway! Though I may not win any giveaways from other YouTubers, I will try my best! Hope I win!
    Let's go 4000 sub together )))

  14. I really want this gun so bad but Ik I won't win if I do wow Baddie #7185

  15. Woah i love these codes Hope i really win. ty for this giveaway. ᑭ🝃〢ZoltyLance#5382

  16. Good to see you growing each, day and giving back to the shell shockers community. Keep up the good work 🔥Apollo#7226

  17. It's nice to see how you've grown as a Youtuber. Keep up the good work! Marauder#1082

  18. The 2019 shotgun has been my favourite shotgun skin out of every shotgun skin

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