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2019 P90 Giveaway & Streak! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Nice video, Kilzo! I've been using the Kilzomatic shotgun recently and it's been pretty good for my streaks! Keep up the good work! Gunzman_official#7135

  2. Good video! (not surprised because you always have awesome videos) Atomic#0927

  3. Nice Kill streak with the new Kilzo Shotty, You know your a built-different content creator when you have your own shot gun :).
    [DEC] Spades #6111

  4. Kilzo shotty is the best shotty added to game 300 follows to CC#5698

  5. Did u buy the green snake gun or grinding for it

  6. Kilzo shotgun is actually just too good. Subbed to both obviously. I actually think that you were the first shell YouTuber that I subbed to. Hope I can win this sick skin! Kilzo for 6k!!!

  7. Mans always into making interesting videos and to make the community happy! Always hope to see u here with ur content tys for he gw too. ZoltyLance#5382

  8. Kilzomatic playing with the Kilzomatic shotgun LOL
    I liked the whole video, I watched it complete

  9. hes like the silent assasin just uploading bangers and dipping what a legend bendemint#3083

  10. Kilzomatic shotgun is so cool! I need to buy it right now! – Arafat#2615

  11. Nice streak & smooth 144 fps gameplay! You are being a shellshockers GOD. I hope you will get 6k subscribers very soon! SK01#6962

  12. Non stop giveaways?? And beautiful smooth KS over and over, it’s practically heaven to watch Lei™#3828

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