200K KILLS IN SHELL SHOCKERS - leegamestore.com


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  1. sheesh 200k well done man ty for the YT content

  2. Can I have the new code of albino shotgun?

  3. It’s like impossible lol I almost have 100k but 200k god dam

  4. I wanna win giveway congrats on ur 200k kills budd my discord is Dripzz#8367
    Peek and Gibby knows me

  5. Hello sheeessshhhh I I'm 124k kills 200k I'm getting there!

  6. what an amazing video (wow swi is a really good player)

  7. WOW nice 200k kills im on 93k im so close to 100k hope i win red gogles 🙂

  8. How Realswi ure probably the best player in the world

  9. Peek the goat is flexing on us one again

  10. 200k even shared accts dont have that much kills lmao

  11. his kills are better than my content

  12. I feel this death so much lol unlucky ending but it was a decent show

  13. gameplays so smooth i love it, casually flicking and trying the 360 sick, yahboyyah#7904

  14. why did i think this was going to be a 200 kill streak

  15. M̷Σ̷M̷Λ̷ ̷Ƭ̷Ή̷Σ̷ ̷G̷Ө̷D̷ says:

    nice kill streak

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