200 Subscribers **GIVEAWAY!!!** [CLOSED] | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

200 Subscribers **GIVEAWAY!!!** [CLOSED] | Shell Shockers

Godric Gryffindor
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thank u all for 200 subscribe 😀 TYSMMMM (read the rest of description)
thanks again to red9toxic for the skull wand pistol, and menoXD for the meno cs
anyway, here u go, one lucky winner will go home with two codes
1. sub
2. like
3. comment ur fave shell skin, and explain why


  1. congratlationt 200sub!!! my fave skin set is ALBINO SET!!

  2. dude
    fusion crackshot or albino shotgun please! yur first comment

  3. I liked the vid i really love the Albino and Buck Set cuz they be lookin fireee Is it possible to take one code and giveaway the other?(if you win of course) I really hope i win

  4. My fav set is buck bc they all just look so clean. If I win I’ll jus give u my email.

  5. My favourite Ss skin set is the alibio bc I like snakes! Notecarline

  6. I have both but nice job on 200 subs!

  7. My favourite skin sets are the flame 🔥 cz they are all very 🔥 fire 😊

  8. 2019 cs becuase i started in 2019 and never got it and becuase i think its the coolest

  9. congrats on 200 subs hope u hit cc soon. my fav set is untz with astro hat bc it makes a good space combo. you have my dc 🙂

  10. CONGRATS ON 200!!! My favorite skin set is flame because they all look so clean! albino and buck are tied for 2nd though. (I REALLY LIKE THE ALBINO P90!!!)

  11. Best ski is albino with Astro hat makes a space feeling

  12. Congrats i want the albino crackshot please because it's so cool and so beautiful and it's my goal to have it Congrats

  13. Congrats mate!!, my fav skin has to be the albino, as its a cool take on the more common "country singer"

  14. I'm Fav skin set is the astro hat and any stamp BC it looks really clean good luck everyone

  15. Congrats Godric! My favorite shell skin is definitely is actually a group of skins (The RPG skin codes). IDK why exactly, but each set fits the RPG perfectly! The flame, buck, and albino RPGs are all incredible 🙂 (Also, you probably know who I am.)

  16. congrats my fav skin is albino because it looks sick due to its whiteness

  17. W giveaway, imagine not being subscribed. Couldn’t be me🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑👺👺👺👺👺🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡💀💀💀🔥🔥🔥

  18. I have these both but either way favorite shell skin is prob one from the racer set, tz's designs are just incredible

  19. my favorite shell skin is the albino set because theyre just amzing and im a bit sick of the country singer snake cs.

  20. Buck def the best skin set got the coolest skins

  21. nice getting to 200. My fave skin set is just the albinos (i know its basic but i genuinely think they look better than bucks or flames)

  22. Congrats on 200 subs. My fave skin is probs the old christmas one

  23. ❤CONGRATULATONS❤ my favorite skin is the flame crackshot because is very estetic 😂😂😂

  24. y'all need to read the description… any way flame set is fire cause its actually fire! fallenus 😉

  25. I really like the 2019cs, and or the flame cs, I like them because of the simplistic vibe they give and because of the reason that its more unique then other skins. congrats on 200 subs man lets go for 300. Magma#9993

  26. My favorite skin is the albino set because its sick

  27. congratlationt 200! My fave skin set is just the flame crackshot 😀

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