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1v1ing WizardSupport! | Shell Shockers + giveaway

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First ever 1v1 video with recordings from Wiz’s Point of View! Be sure to enter the giveaway.
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  1. wizardslayer the game as interesting nice

  2. Delta the wizardslayer!
    the best part of the 1 v 1 1:24 when he got naded lmfao
    Ur aim was rlly good thats what i think

  3. “wizard slayer” the 1v1 was beast if I fought bwd I would loose like 10-5 although the 1v1 was cracked

  4. wizardslayer It was high pressure on both of you

  5. "wizard slayer" Its was close and wiz blanked a few times.

  6. it’s impressive to see how many golden eggs he has

  7. “Wizard Slayer”. Great Video DeltaStorm, but you got unlucky. Wish everybody luck in the give away 🤘

  8. Wizard slayer the 1v1 waa close it was aqaomw

  9. "wizard' slayer i thought wiz was gonna win

  10. Wizard slayer, Dang delta ggs both played well

  11. wizardslayer. nice gameplay! I think Wiz should push harder but match was sooo good !

  12. Very smooth and some good shots from both of you, "wizardslayer"

  13. Wizardslayer mt thoughts is holy moley and he has such cool looks

  14. "wizard slayer" such a cool vid. BWD and u are so pro.Keep it up!

  15. swear to god if u folded i was gonna be upset -.-

  16. Wizardslayer: That was a really intense game, hope you hit 1k soon man!

  17. sheesh how many eggs does wiz have lmao

  18. wiz has more eggs than the population of china

  19. Hello, I'm using my dad's account… could I b in one of your vids DeltaStorm? My Shell shocker name is "Cute but DEADLY" I will destroy people who try to copy me.. 😀

  20. wizardslayer
    I think that wiz should work on his grenade throwing in shell shockers and other than that he’s better than me

    I have nothing bad to say to you delta

  21. Wizard has 997349814. sooooooooooooooooo many

  22. Wizard slayer. and my thoughts about the 1v1 were that you both keep on moving and groving arou witch made it hard to hit your shots but Delta got the dubs at the end but yeah it was i good game and all i got to say know is that you both are really good at the game and have a rest of your day.

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