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1v1ing the WORST HACKER in Shell Shockers!

[PLG] Nova
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1v1ing the WORST HACKER in Shell Shockers!
So I found 3 Hackers in a 1v1 and 1 of them wanted to 1v1. So we did and lets just say this guy is terrible even with hacks.

More Nova:
Discord: _Nova#3456

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  1. The hacker probs raged the game cuz the hacker 1v1ed nova(a hacker)

  2. Why do you think they get hacks they suck with and without them

  3. its always hackers who spoil the game

  4. Real score was probably 10-4 ish because he campednu and killed u while typing and u powered the score. And he switched guns


  6. Hey, we're going to create a private room

  7. i 3v1ed a hacker but me and my friends together only killed him once in an hour

  8. hi im a new sub scriber have I played you before

  9. lol 2min 10 sec Nova be like:"Oh FU**"

  10. I've played with this guy before and he really does suck.

  11. Bro has aimbot and he's that close to you with a dang sniper, and he cant hit you once bro

  12. Hi do u have an albino code item for me pls

  13. novaaaaaaa nice shots, also at 3:48 u put increible aim in the captions instead of incredible so learn ur grammar 😛

  14. you probally deserve W++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (biggest w in the world)
    i laughed to hard

  15. Hey plg nova i challenge you for 150 kill streak

  16. bro i sawy onpuplic server iwasso exited idk why

  17. Hello Nova, we are doing a 1v1, please, I am a subscriber.

  18. Nova I have a question: what is plg and why does everyone have it on their names

  19. You should have used eggk when he had smg. It has stronger bullets

  20. Ok I genuinely have hacks, and all they do is give you the ability to see through walls and lock onto targets and they are really easy to get as long as you have ViolentMonkey

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