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1v1ing the BEST player in the world… (Shell Shockers)

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GGs to _HixedDiamond_

Comment who YOU think the best shell shockers player is

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  1. Wow your insane! Love the content and the music was 🔥

  2. 3:05 had me rollin😂😂 ur aim is too insane gibby! i hope to be as good as you on 60 fps

  3. So now ur the best shell player and editor…

  4. Nah its me how could u forget such a thing?? 😵🤬

  5. Dude met this guy in a pub :skull btw gibby can you do a tutorial on those gibbles (jiggles+gibby) movement wise? You should 1v1 slimy or TheDarkLord or Jet bc why not

  6. i think two people share 1st place in world

    hazzmat and gibby

  7. Huntra is the best non crackshot player

  8. Jetstream is the best player in the world and it's not even close.

  9. Gibby 1v1 gytt#0709 I feel like i can beet you for some reason Also dam nice shots got me chills 🥶🥶

  10. tbh i am a little better than that lol but ur good

  11. interstellar music in a 1v1 on a egg game is something unexpected but also good

  12. I actually played HixedDiamond a few days ago and he's pretty good, but he's not the best I've seen. However, you are insane.

  13. Title should be some good player 1v1ning the best player in shell which is you

  14. misskorea with the shotgun is the best player

  15. Hix is def not the best player, I believe Slimy is the best player due to him being able to consistently get mvps but u put down my man Hix pretty good ngl

  16. I think diamond was 1v1'ing the best player lmao

  17. luck, kill HixedDiamond while moving

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