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1v1ing a *FAKE* NPS Player | Shell Shockers

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GG’s to Kimchi
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  1. Damn such an amazing player!
    cant believe u actually won from an nps player..crazy!!

  2. hi clingzter

    1: nice vid
    2: i notice ur shaky mouse movements. you might wanna try a low sense, as its more pleasing to the viewers imo

  3. Hi @Clingzter !
    Its me, ༄Ƥบʍส༄ if you remember me 😀
    I remember our 1v1 A WHOLE YEAR ago when you had about 200 subs 😀
    Im so happy for you, congratulations on 1K!

  4. Damn, u are so good Clingzter!! gained new subscriber!!❤❤❤❤

  5. Sorry to inform you, but just because someone paid for the NPS hat code, or uses a shared account, doesn’t mean they are in NPS. Coming from someone who is, I can confirm “kimchi” is definitely not

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