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1v1 with the Biggest Hacker! | Shell Shockers

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Hello, I hope everyone enjoys this video!
I actually 1v1 with the biggest hacker named TDstuart.
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  1. Hey Sharbucks! Nice video ! Subbed! Can you please make a new video on how you make your thumbnails so sick please ? It would be great and cool as I would want to start a yt channel soon as well ! Thanks a million !

  2. LOL I found him a game once hacking and destroyed him like 4 months ago tho

    btw this dude makes hacks

  3. Fun fact: This dude owns a 1000 member egg game hack server

  4. just bait him

    he knows where and when u spawn, wait until hes out of ammo and then shoot, there is no point in running, against hacks it's bait only

    then ez clappz

  5. oh look, its the maker and influencer of the people who ruin games by hacking, TDStuart.

  6. bruh when he wasnt even looking at you and killed you that was like wtf

  7. ik this hacker he lags your screen during the game if you noticed

  8. He is purple even though he doesn't have VIP pass

  9. TDStuart is my habibi he helped me get better at this game he the best habibi out there

  10. How is he purple when he doesnt uave vip

  11. his hacks at first weren't obvious but then when he didn't miss, it was sus. Bro this man doesn't even hide that he is hacking, he even says it

  12. I’ve killed you before, but you’re still great! Great vid!

  13. Dude if he fight u without hack u get 1000000+ kill 🤣

  14. Shark bucks maybe tell wiz to destroy him??????????? Well good game ggs

  15. How does this guy do the hack that's not fair😞😞

  16. The hacker will have really good hacks haha you lost

  17. Also can we do a 1v1 at some point? I got a mouse and my kdr went from 1.2 on trackpad to 2.3 on mouse
    I mean I’ll prolly lost but I would like to 1v1

  18. Thats why these kind of kid lost of senshe happy gaming, too plastic

  19. I played with a hacker just 30 minutes ago, he was BAAAAD!!!! I absolutely destroyed him

  20. How was he purple if he wasn’t VIP!?!?!? Obvious hacks

  21. Ur not even trying its just a click bait video

  22. These hacks just have esp and it locks on to the closest player. In public matches they suck but in 1v1s they're op.

  23. This mans gaming chair is just too good

  24. He is just really good at the game (this is a joke)

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