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1v1 with Slick Ya! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Sorry, it's not full screen…I'll fix it next time 🤞:|

  2. first shot was so nice that was pretty intense

  3. Sparky just to let you know Slick ya isn't good at she'll shockers you know

  4. SPARKY 1v1 with Slick Ya! | Shell Shockers

  5. first of all u were blanking alot,2nd u were trying for trickshots and he kept pistoling u,3rd u did many mistakes in shotty rounds other wise video is pog

  6. I noticed that usually those who are scared throw grenades like Slick Ya, when he have low hp, he’s scared and run and throw

  7. bro slick ya is honestly one of the worst ccs when it comes to gameplay lmfao

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