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1v1 vs Peek! Rematch… | Shell Shockers

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I was super rusty in our last 1v1. But now I was warmed up! Shoutout to Wex for my thumbnail. wex#8457


  1. Im Aries Apolo. That's smodXD not the real peek. Idk if hes peek

  2. This was for those who thought PEEK was INSANELY BETTER than the one and only Slimy (aka the only and never taken #1 player).

  3. that’s not peek that’s smod did you even read the name??

  4. thats not slimy wheres the uncapped fps,

    gg's thats too all the people who were strongly saying peek was better

  5. that doesn't really look like peek 🀨 But anyways, don't really over estimate the Number #1 Player!

  6. If he bullied peek like this can swi say some' to him?

  7. ik you better than peek im sure the only thing u have to do is to 1v1 yegg to be the best ever plz do it

  8. peak is G.O.A.T
    but i think ur better than him with sniper

  9. π•‹π•šπ•žπ•“π•–π•£π•Žπ• π•π•— says:


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