1v1 for an *ULTRA RARE* FLAME CS | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

1v1 for an *ULTRA RARE* FLAME CS | Shell Shockers

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I 1v1ed MVP – Kimchi again for a flame cs code because he didn’t give me one last time lol.

Song – Getting my dough
Thumbnail – Me 🙂
Gameplay – Me 🙂
Editing – Also me 🙂


  1. You are a goat in 1v1s,those shots,every shot was amazing,and the kills were kinda synced aswell,i liked it!
    did u get the flame cs btw?

  2. Have u cracked it yet? If so, flame crackshot gameplay should be the next video!

  3. Wow. you were literally trickshotting an mvp out there. good job you are so good

  4. You literally just compiled random clips from a private lobby 🗿

  5. Wsp! Wat do u use as ur screen recorder and editor

  6. I lost the match and I didn't get it 🙁 lucky for you

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