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1v1 Against Nova | Shell Shockers

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  1. Both are you are legend players. It's the most excited 1vs1 I've ever seen!

  2. Your skill are pretty great. I thought you two are lucky to get those amazing shots!

  3. i remember my first 1v1 with nova, lets just say i lost badly

  4. O M G!! 7 kills against Nova's actually insane lmao. Thought you were gone but great comeback! @Nova imaGiNe gETtIng mID aIrEd :p

  5. wow hat comeback I thought he was gonna get 10-0ed

  6. What do you use to edit your videos? I'm a Youtuber too and I would love it if you helped me out

  7. Nice 1v1!! I actually didn’t get bored!!

  8. U SCAMMED ME- i won ur giveaway and u gave me a USED code

  9. Uh I think Nova let u get those points on the comeback u made very bad moves on the 1v1 :/

  10. Ive always wanted to 1v1 Nova… Great Vid! The best strat was to hit him when he was reloading

  11. You WERE rocket firing but then he destroyed you😮

  12. what is this song i love it

  13. Try jiggling more while jumping instead of just jumping side to side

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