115 Killstreak!! My New Best with p90! | Shell Shockers! - leegamestore.com

115 Killstreak!! My New Best with p90! | Shell Shockers!

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Ship Wrek – Pain (ft. Mia Valie)
Dread Pitt – Pyro
Spektrem – Shine
Disfigure – Blank
Elektronomia – Limitless


  1. Too many 100s man, try seeing how long you can last without picking up ammo on the map, CHoose your weapon well! You can use any weapon until its defult weapon storage runs out, u cannot pick up cartridged on the map, then when you run out of your main weapon, you'll have to use your secondry and then when that runs out, u have to use melee XD try it, I got to a 20 with freeranger! Its original! No one's done something like that!

  2. Sorry but Ben can you tell me when the Let'sbust theme give away winner will be drawn?

  3. Im proud i was the 750. Subscriber. Keepup the great work man!🎉


  5. I'm telling you dude, you need some sort of theme song and to beat BlueWiz and Nova in a 1v1, guaranteed you will do so well. It's also sweet how you befriended an enemy player w

  6. Nice to see you putting in so much effort in this video. You redid the 114 killstreak because you got the spatula! RESPECT

  7. I used to be goatee with p90. Then my school blocked all the websites and now I can rarely play and am terrible

  8. Also I smashed messi123456789 in shell shockers

  9. They were literally not moving at all . how is that even possible '-' btw nice killstreak

  10. Congratulations on cc even tho I left shell been here W U all the way since y blew up proud of you g prolly one of the fastest channels to grow on shell shockers

  11. you know its a LONG ks when the video is litterally 17 mins..

  12. One of these days, you will meet your end………

  13. guys watch the others they are awsome

  14. sees ks video gets inspired to go make one of my own (5 mins later) BROOOO 3 FPS AND 23K PING NVM

  15. nice
    also incredible theme
    can i have it or is it like private theme

  16. Please let more Video Mr Ben, break the world record if you can

  17. Bro can u get killstreaks outside of captula the spatula lol.

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