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104 Streak MELEE ONLY – Shell Shockers

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for bwd competition


  1. at this point he's just gonna hit an 100+ streak with any new weapon that gets introduced

  2. Bruh US server are all bots. SG server are all pros ;(

  3. I cant even get a 30 with my main gun. Swi is cracked.

  4. Naw man how is this guy human 104?????????

  5. Nice work !Thant's insane – higher than my highest ever streak AND with melee only. Nutzo

  6. I love how staged this looks 😂

    legit nobody knows how to use a gun in this lobby 👁👄👁

  7. No way! I didn't think anyone would go over 30 with melee. I am absolutely blown!

  8. Insane killstreak! 71 was nice to watch <3
    Also I saw that your egg counter shakes whenever you get a kill. Is this part of a theme or just something about the game I've never noticed before?

  9. Can we see some casual scrim gameplay if u have it? Or just public lobby gameplay, and u can explain why u made a specific action and how it benefited u?

  10. dang you're too op breh come on 34 meelee is my only highest record

  11. idrc if this wins the comp or not, I'm doing a full-on back research on this. You also got us with the 201 ks before changing a year after by covering it up saying that it was just a joke after people find out. I feel like this is staged but I have no current proof except for some common sensery in players gameplay. This feels way too lucky and almost believable.

  12. Me wondering who will win the competition 🤔🤔

  13. 100 streak with a melee?!? i can't even get to 30 with any weapon anyway amazing vid!!!

  14. its been solid 2 years since i left the community and game but melees , sick!

  15. i wish i could get bot servers like this :/

  16. going to s lobby and finding someone with 100ks🤣

  17. ima only take it from one the goats is shell dying

  18. right when that came out i knew you were gonna do a 100 ks w melee

  19. me being sad bc i have 60 fps…..swi having 60 fps too o_o

  20. Bros bullying the whole shell community 😥

  21. how much did u pay these guys to be stupid bro?

  22. Bruh you used grenade, but nice streak tho.

  23. Thats fucking funny to see how nobody in this game reacted about his streak, like if it was normal to get 104 ks XD
    people in chat just talked about people age etc.. Lmao
    nice streak btw

  24. He made actually 102 kills cuz he killed 2 players with grenade.

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