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1,000 SENSITIVTY CHALLENGE! | Shell Shockers Challenge

[PLG] Nova
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1,000 SENSITIVTY CHALLENGE! | Shell Shockers Challenge
So I changed my sensitivity to 100 and my DPI to over 19,000 and this is over 60 times more sensitive that usual… My Goal is to get a 20 Killstreak in FFA with this Sensitivity. I would recommend you try this to understand how difficult this actually was. Enjoy!

More Nova:
Discord: _Nova#3456

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  1. What could be worse than: Rubbish skin, lonely name, 1,000 sensitivity
    great editing 🙂

  2. "dont ask about the name and skin" Um what happend lol Nice video

  3. whats up with your whole setup like your name and skin LMAO

  4. Nova my name is nova I am acting like I am you so people can sub to you

  5. I am going to hack PLG Nova again to make this video get less than 1,000 views

  6. im not asking about your skin or name. IM ASKING ABOUT THE 2505!

  7. Your videos are always funny. Hope you get cc!

  8. after a little bit he just stopped talking…

  9. dont worry nova, same things happens to me, but they say ' practice makes man perfect '

  10. sheeeeesh, sometimes i think ur a girl
    ur a boy right? plz be boy, stay boy, PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  11. why are you a shamed about that skin? its good…

  12. Plz Help me to reach 10k subs without any videos says:

    Cool vID

  13. Dang dude your channel is growing faster than the gap between graysoceans hair

  14. 1.08k les goooooooooooooooooo. Will there be 1k celeb vid coming out?

  15. I bet people's eyes were destroyed when you spun around

  16. this video is proof that shotgun is the bot gun

  17. One time I killed kilzomatic on 1000 sensitivity

  18. bro you are finding a gi-
    (*Nova shuts mouth*)

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