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100+ STREAKS – Shell Shockers

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This clip was going to go in the last video,
but my computer broke down during that time,
so I wasn’t able to get a video out last month.

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  1. i finaly beat your streak my high streak is 145

  2. OMG you finally uploaded a Shellshockeers video! Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for playing this I asked u for playing this and thank you

  4. nice your finally back and same when I get a high streak like 80+ my heart beats so fast lol

  5. YESSSSSSSSS Shell Shockers again! Finally!!!

  6. Moon you should 1v1 Hazmatt in Shell Shockers

  7. could you please do an updated inventory tour

  8. I think you are one of the best YouTuber who makes ShellShockers content. Could you please upload ShellShockers videos more often just for the fans? I can see that the videos are on a monthly basis, however, it would be really great if you upload them more often.

  9. over 1 hundred jeese my highest is only 42

  10. I don't know about you guys but When I get to 100 bruh we don't get to 30

  11. hey bro how did you get that free ranger

  12. i notice his highest streak is 138 when the world record is 136

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