#1 Shell Player 👑 | My Best Clips Part 2 *Giveaway Winner Announcement* - leegamestore.com

#1 Shell Player 👑 | My Best Clips Part 2 *Giveaway Winner Announcement*

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  1. Wiz should make best trickshots player stamp

  2. InMoonWeTrust Trickshots vs Vital Trickshots
    Who will win?

  3. .0001% chance anyone lands those trick shots, and vital is that .0001%

  4. Dude there’s no fuckin way gibby won the p90. Need a reroll on the other two codes asap. Anyways, moon just got disrespected from someone half his fps.

  5. Are u sure- and i mean really sure- no are u CERTAIN that ur a human being? Cuz these shots are INHUMAN!

  6. Yea you have now took the place of the Bloominator Award. Bro made 4 360s from crossmap in a row like wtf. Bros graysocean but 10x better at blooming.

  7. I need to know how much time it took for you to gather all those clips. Like we aren’t talking normal trickshots we’re talking crossmap 360s and hella insane flicks. All of those shots look like one in a million chances. Fr it’s not luck for you. Its a skill

  8. the clips are meh but the thumbnail is 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Video title : "Shellshockers can now jump and gun"
    one of the montages that don't need much edit to perform

  10. This is the kinda guy that 10-0s u when u Are tryharding and he is trickshoting lmfao

  11. when you watch one of these vids and find out your not clipped, your relief is truly un describeable

  12. great video brother you already cut me: cc but you are pro 0:58

  13. "best trickshot ever, no competition whatsoever. Also when I wrote this comment there were 69 comments so ig i ruined that."

  14. this guy 360s more people that was want his theme back fr

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