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1 Hour of Uncut Shell Shockers Gameplay to Fall Asleep To

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Only one cut and that’s bc I had to stop playing to go to the store
And no, it’s not EXACTLY one hour, but it’s close enough 🙂

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Chapters (if any):

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  1. First and u made a promise so I’m gonna watch it and see if I go to sleep 😂😂

  2. If I played for like a quarter of that time I would’ve alr closed the game in rage

  3. bro played 56 minutes of shell without closing the tab or going into other sites.

  4. amazing bro keep up the good work u got a sub

  5. I remember when you clipped me in a scrim. I was kool aid.

  6. Oi imagine changingbup the sound of the gameplay when you shoot its something cool sound

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